TIGRcub® Security

The TIGRcub® Security created an efficiency for entrepreneurial, private companies in America to access capital. The Topline Income Generation Rights Certificate, TIGRcub®, allows for local companies to receive capital from local investors. Today, more than $2 billion worth of TIGRcub® capital has been inquired for private companies across America.

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30 Second Eligibility

Entrex's network of brokers introduce companies to the InstaCub Calculator.This calculator, with three financial numbers, can quickly determine a company's eligibility to raise capital via the TIGRcub® Security.

Once Eligible - buyers are ready to commit and close if qualified via Due Diligence:

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The EQC Process

Entrex's Intellectual Property provides an institutionalized process, with our compliant Market Members, to help  entrepreneurial companies raise capital.  It's simple:

Eligible + Qualified = Capital

Learn your eligibility here or ask your compliant financial advisor.

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Qualified in 45 Days

Once a company is deemed eligible for a TIGRcub their Financial Profession will request a customized "TIGRcub Illustration" which shows the TIGRcub process and timing from Offering to Close.


You'll see how Entrex creates an efficient and effective Capital Market System for Entrepreneurs:   


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