TIGRcub® Security

The TIGRcub®, or Top-line Income Generation Rights Certificate, created an efficient, effective and tradable investment security for entrepreneurs to access capital.

As a "revenue enhanced debt security" the TIGRcub® allows Investors and Companies to align interests through a calculatable, risk-adjusted, and net present value of the future cash-flows:

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30 Second Eligibility

Entrex's network of financial advisors and brokers introduce companies to the InstaCub Calculator. This calculator can quickly determine a company's eligibility to access capital via the TIGRcub® Security.

Once Eligible - buyers are usually ready to review, bid and buy through a network of Placement Brokers and Institutional Investors:

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The ITO Process

Once your company is Eligible to issue a TIGRcub® we work with your financial advisor to establish a private Initial TIGRcub® Offering or ITO.

Similar to an IPO a syndicate of selling agents introduce your private "offering" to Investors both domestically and across the globe.

Learn more about the ITO Process:

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TIGRcub® Trading

Entrex was founded with the mission to create a "Capital Market System for Entrepreneurs".

Today Entrex serves Cash-Flowing companies and offer the TIGRcub® Security across our eChain - the Transactional and Trading Ledger for TIGRcubs®. Collectively with our Trading Partners we've created our vision: a Capital Market System for Entrepreneurs.

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