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The Entrex Capital Market


Entrex's trading platforms consolidate inefficient market sectors.

Our IBM technology provides a blockchain enabled platform to

Originate, Structure, Offer, Place, Trade, Settle and Service Securities

for Entrepreneurial Companies.


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Entrex  provides investors tools to find, research, track, manage and trade private corporate bonds with projected yields of 5-24% annually (12.19%* in 2017):

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Entrex created a leading alternative trading system for entrepreneurial companies and/or their produced assets; originally built around our revenue enhanced bond called a TIGRcub Security.

Entrex was founded in 2001, by Stephen H. Watkins who recognized that the sub $250 million revenues companies, the economic and employment sector of nations, lacked an efficient capital market.

These companies typically have capital needs above the capabilities of friends and family with transactions that are usually too small and inefficient to attract interest of Wall Street broker dealers and investors.

Entrex's vison was to create a capital market system for this sector.   We built our alternative trading system to offer regulated entities and efficient solution to find, research, track, manage and trade these sector's securities.   Click the video above to learn more about our technology leadership serving this sector.

About Entrex

The Capital Market System for Entrepreneurs

Entrex continually seeks to improve entrepreneurial companies’ access to capital through a syndicate of regulated brokers and registered investment professionals.

Entrex's financial technologies ("FinTech") and regulatory technologies ("RegTech") provides a system to find, research, track, manage and trade entrepreneurial securities for market constituents.

We do this using IBM's technology platform developed continuously over 18 years.   Our Technology is unique and manages from the beginning to end of a securities lifecycle:   Origination, Structuring, Offering, Placement, Trading, Settlement and Servicing.

We use our proven, and regulatory transparent platform, to partner through Joint Ventures various entrepreneurial sectors including Corporate, Real Estate, Oil and Gas and others.

Entrex's vision is to build an Entrepreneurial Capital Market System offering Issuers access to Capital and Investor access to inefficient market sectors:   Serving our nation's economic and employment growth engine.


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