Investor FAQs

The answers on most investor questions are described below.

TIGRcub® is the trade name for a patented and tradable revenue-enhanced debt security which is a tradable and electronically certificated "share" of a revenue-enhanced promissory note. TIGRcub® stands for a "Top-Line Income Generation Rights certificate."

TIGRcubs® each have their rights and warranties as represented in the TIGRcub® Promissory Note associated with each specific transaction. TIGRcubs® can be senior, junior or even nearly an equity-like structure. Each should, therefore, be priced according to risk.

Entrex offers each TIGRcub® Owner access to a web based "TIGRcub® Owner Portal" - or TOP. The TIGRcub® Owner Portal shows each of the TIGRcubs® owned, its electronic unique identifier, and the associated "TIPs" - or TIGRcub® Interest Payments - which have been allocated to the certificate.

TIGRcub® issuers, companies, provide Entrex with a "Declaration of Revenues" on the 15th of the month for the prior month. Entrex then provides to the company, based on their specific TIGRcub® terms and conditions, the amount due. On the 20th of the month, the company then distributes their interest payments to the TIGRcub® Payment and Service Provider. Two business days after receipt, the TIGRcub® Payment and Service Provider distributes TIPs to each Certificate Holder of Record for the prior month - which is recorded in the TIGRcub® Owner Portal.

TIGRcubs®, being a private security, have a 1-year Reg D Restriction on trading to secondary parties. After the 1-year restriction, the TIGRcub® can trade to most accredited or institutional investor.

The TIGRcub® Payment and Service Provider has a detailed process to assist investors in a default situation.

TIGRcubs® are revenue-enhanced debt securities - typically with a 60-month interest only term. Principal is repaid to investors in the 60th month.

Issuer FAQs

The answers on most issuer questions are described below.

Any company who are interested in TIGRcub® eligibility, can inquire about an issuance with Entrex through their Financial Professionals and/or the InstaCub Eligibility Calculator. The Entrex team will review the company's InstaCub Calculation and begin the ITO - or Initial TIGRcub® Offering - Process. The process continues through the distribution of an illustration to the issuing company. Upon reviewal of illustration and the company fulfills the neccessary financial ratios, the company will be eligible for an issuance of a TIGRcub® Security. Review of corporate documents and organization will be conducted by Entrex to ensure complete transparency of the company. Once the company has completed all neccessary steps, the Initial TIGRcub® Offering and Roadshow will begin. Contact Entrex for complete breakdown of each step for your company.

No, audited financials are not a requirement. Though, having audited, or even consolidated, financials allows Entrex's yield investors transparency into the company they are interested in investing in.

Yes, only if they are an accredited investor. Since this is a private placement between investors and issuing company, the investor must be accredited or institutional to ensure their credibility. As investors can decline investing in a company, issuing companies can also decline their investment.

General FAQs

The answers on most general questions are described below.

The Entrex Capital Market System is a regulated and patent-protected marketplaced on on our revenue-enhanced "TIGRcub® Security." The Entrex Capital Market provides efficient capital access for profiable and growing $5-250 million revenue companies from accredited and institutional investors.

TIGRcubs® - Top-Line Income Generation Rights certificate: A patent-protected revenue-enhanced debt security traded on the Entrex Capital Market.

TIPs - TIGRcub® Interest Payments: the monthly distribution of interest payments to each respective investor.

TOP - TIGRcub® Ownership Portal: the portal (online software) for investors to view, track & manage their TIGRcub® Investments.

ITOs - Initial TIGRcub® Offering: the steps and processes to bring a TIGRcub® Issuance to market. Similar to a public company's IPO.

OMMs - Originating Market Members: the intermediaries (or financial brokers) that work with company issuers to discuss TIGRcub® investment options.

EMI - Entrex Market Index: "The Composite Index of the Entrex Capital Market." This is a diversifed basket of all offered TIGRcub® Issuers for investors to buy, sell & trade.

PCI - Private Company Index - The original name of the Entrex Market Index (EMI) for investors to view the revenue performance of companies in this entrepreneurial sector.