The Entrex Market Index is the composite index of the Entrex Capital Market.

EMI TIGRtokens™ provide monthly returns of the composite index.

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Entrex Market Index TIGRtoken™

TIGRtokens™ provide investors monthly index returns

Launched in January 2018, TIGRtokens™ are available to accredited investors only and are private, restricted securities offered under Rule 506 of Regulation D of the Securities Act.


Each TIGRtoken™ provides access to the returns of the Entrex Market Index, which buys on a pari-passu basis, each TIGRcubŪ offering—thus providing investors the potential for a diverse basket of yield-oriented, revenue-enhanced, debt securities.


TIGRtokens™ are tradable via the Entrex eChain™ blockchain technology, subject to federal, state and local regulations. They are not traded publicly and are subject to holding period requirements prior to secondary trading. They are not intended for investors who need a liquid investment.


To learn more, please contact us:   877 - 4Entrex.