TIGRcub® Security

A Patented, Tradable, Revenue Enhanced, Debt Security

Entrex's TIGRcub® is the trade name for a series of issued patents around our Top-line Income Generation Rights Certificate. Our Patents are simplified into:

  The Certification of a slice of revenue for a designated term.
  The Marketplace in which it trades.

Entrex's research demonstrates how the TIGRcub® solves valuation and liquidity investment challenges of private companies.

Investors can use a company's "TIGRcub® Interest Payments", or TIPs, and various Net Present Value (NPV) tools to establish a TIGRcub Certificate value.

The Net Present Values establish the foundation to create bids/offers across potential electronic trading systems.

Entrex traded the Overstock.com TIGRcub on the Tzero Blockchain - the first security to ever trade using Blockchain technologies.

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TIGRcub® Security

Top-line Income Generation Rights Certificate

Monthly Returns

On a monthly basis investors receive TIGRcub® Interest Payments, or TIPs, calculated as a percent, of the issuing company's prior month's revenue.

Risk-Adjusted Yield

Each TIGRcub® Issuer has different interest rates determined by both the credit quality and balance sheet seniority of the TIGRcub facility and the "market's" perception of risk.

Patented & Tradable

The 2008 issued patent allows for use of the TIGRcub® Security and the marketplace in which it trades.

Performance-Based Yield

The yield of the TIGRcub® Security fluctuates with the perfomance of the issuing company. As revenues go up, investor yields rise too. Some TIGRcubs® have a minimum and/or maximimum yield rate as appropriate for the transaction.


Companies enjoy the non-dilutive nature of the TIGRcub® -- it aligns investors and the issuer for revenue growth -- without being associated with Issuer equity and liquidity events.


TIGRcubs® have a contractual "Redemption Value" which allows the Issuer to redeem (payback) the TIGRcub® by paying investors a defined monthly "Redemption value" less any TIGRcub® Interest Payments (TIPs) made.

TIGRcub® Licensees